Traveling to the Ecuadorianinan rainforest

On February, 10th I am going to travel for three weeks to the Ecuadorian rainforest on behalf of Adveniat. Many years ago, I have already been there and mastered some jungle contests before it was cool ;)


Grilled monkey served at an indigenous wedding

Opening of the exhibition "Reclaim The City"

On January, 27th there is my exhibition opening Reclaim The City in the academy "Die Wolfsburg" in Mülheim/Ruhr.
Here is the invitation card, I would appreciate many visotors at the event, which will be a debate on the subject Youth–City–Living:


Coming from and going to Central America

 In March I came back from Bolivia and Guatemala carrying some 7.000 pics with me. Now the next journey to Central America will start soon:  From May the 20th till 25th I will shoot the beatification ceremony for Oscar Romero in El Salvador. Additionally I'm looking forward to meet the partners from my previous visit in 2013 again.

One more time to Bolivia – and Guatemala

 On February 11th it's going one more time to the Bolivian Highlands. While most of the travellers head to the much lower situated city of La Paz after arrival at El Alto airport, I prefer to stay in this rather uncomfortable and impoverished city. El Alto is bigger than in La Paz, and it doubled its number of inhabitants within the past 20 years. There is even carnival frolics during the time I'll be there! 

Four countries within three weeks

I just came back from a trip to Kaliningradskaja Oblast (the old Königsberg area), and now I am preparing for a journey to Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. On my Facebook-Site  I will post some impressions while I am on the way.

Dirtbikers and BMX-Riders

In summer I took photos of Dirtbikers and BMX-Riders in the Ruhr Area. Here are some first impressions; furthermore there is an updated gallery about Wacken Open Air, a famous metal festival which can be viewed here.

Youth project -to be continued

You can have a look at some photos of dumpsters here, and impressions of CosPlayers on a japanese fair in Düsseldorf here.


 With 7000 pictures on my hard disc I am back to Germany since a couple of weeks – coming home from tropical heat to minus 15 degrees centigrade it was not only a culture shock. The next journey will take me to Paraguay and Bolivia in the second half  of May, I appreciate furher assignments.


On behalf of my project on youth culture I am accomaigning young veggies, who dumpster for political reasons, that means searching the garbage bins of supermarket chains for edible items. I am about to contact CosPlayers, and I appreciate further suggestions and ideas on the topic of youth (sub)culture very much.

But from next week onwards, I travel to rural Mozambique, do photography on village development projects and I am looking forward for new experiences. 

Back in Germany

Three weeks of winter in the Highlands have been quite a challenge: Desert-like landscapes with some scattered indigenous villages, and due to the absence of any heating system it is about zero centigrade outdoors as well as indoors. But the hospitality of the local people rewards all the troubles.

Some time ago I officially introduced my new website, and I am grateful for all the comments and poroposals I got. One thing is for sure: A website is never finished, and so I will submit new content soon -corporate communications and events, which I have left out so far.