Mailrunner in the Himalaya
Mailrunner in the Himalaya 28 Bilder

For the German newspaper Die Zeit I visited the Indian Post in the Spiti valley, a distant border region in the Himalaya, which is strongly influenced by buddhist traditions. Here so called mailrunner deliver letters to the remotest...

Special education
Special education 25 Bilder

 On assignment for the German Caritasverband  I spent some days in kindergartens focusing on education for children with special needs. My goal was to shoot emotional and empathetic pictures, the children's...

Gender awareness in Uganda
Gender awareness in Uganda 20 Bilder

In rural Uganda, near the Sudanese border, I accompanied a grassroots organization, which is fighting for gender awareness – not an easy task in a society which traditionally burdens women with all the work. With campaigns and literacy...

Honduras 20 Bilder

On a trip over Christmas 2009, I took these photos in Central American Honduras. Torn between the increasing violence and political instability many Hondurans are looking for solace in the Catholic traditions of the country.

We want to become big and strong
We want to become big and strong 30 Bilder

Photographic essay on social work with children and juveniles

More than a year long I visited youth centers and day-care-facilities in the German town of Moers. This gallery includes pictures of sport and game playing, but also photos of an...

Adivasi in India
Adivasi in India 35 Bilder

With an Indian NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) I travelled to the remote jungle areas of Andhra Pradesh to the villages of the Adivasi, the Indian aboriginals. Up to this time they had lived virtually uninfluenced by the world outside, but...

Rural parish in Titicachi
Rural parish in Titicachi 27 Bilder

Titicachi is very isolated: Travelling by bus from La Paz to this remote Andean valley can take up to 20 hours. Here the German Max Schiller has been working as a parish priest for 30 years now, almost as a hermit among the indigenous Aymara....